On the 20th and 21st of January 2022, we were delighted to host an international virtual conference, which hosted delegates from across Tanzania, Scotland, Philippines, Kenya, Germany, Cambodia, India, Kazakhstan, Morocco, Nigeria, England, Ireland. It was a fantastic space to disseminate our research findings and discuss challenges and opportunities for gender mainstreaming in Higher Education globally. You can read more about our event below:

GOTHELAI conference 20th – 21st January:

Advancing gender equality internationally including in education is now the focus of a large bank of academic research, and the international higher education sector also recognises the need to increase gender equality for its staff and students, from selection and progression opportunities through to freedom from harassment and sexual violence. But what work is there to be done in increasing attention to gender equality within what is taught and how this is taught in higher education classrooms across the world and across disciplinary areas from the sciences through to humanities and social sciences. These questions have received less attention, yet are vital to equipping graduates as the international changemakers of tomorrow with the skills and will to fight for gender equality in our wider social institutions.  

In this conference we seek to bring together an international delegation of academics and activists from across disciplinary areas, united by a commitment to interrogating and advancing gender equality in international higher education teaching and learning. We will lead with insights from the Gender on the Higher Education Agenda Learning Internationally: Co-constructing Foundations for Equitable Futures (GOTHELAI) project, a collaboration between universities in India, Kazakhstan, Morocco, Nigeria and the United Kingdom. Researchers from the project team will engage in panel discussions alongside other international experts, with plenty of opportunities for interactive discussion with our conference delegates, alongside our keynote expert, and targeted methodology and knowledge-sharing sessions.  keynote speech. Whatever your country or disciplinary background, we invite you to join us. 

Conference Programme 

Day 1, Thursday 20th January, 9am-1pm GMT 

9-9.45am  Welcome and introduction to the GOTHELAI Project 

10-11am  Panel discussion: Gender equality in HE teaching in Kazakhstan led by Anna CohenMiller, Aray Saniyazova, Jennifer Lewis and Aisulu Badanova

11am-12pm  Parallel sessions:  

  • Panel discussion: Gender equality in HE teaching in India  led by Abhinav Anand, Dr Bindu KC and Aditya Singh
  • Panel discussion: Gender equality in HE teaching in Nigeria  led by Uko Idorenyin, Chinwe Ogunji and Onichabor Tochukwu Faith

12-1pm  Keynote talk:

Dr Barbara Read, University of Glasgow, UK: ‘Mapping Students’ Gendered Journeys in STEM subjects in India, Rwanda and the UK: issues and challenges.’


Day 2, Friday 21st January, 9am-1pm GMT 

9-10am  Methodology session: Reflecting on experiences and challenges in   collaborative international feminist research  led by Anna CohenMiller, Nupur Samuel, Tamsin Hinton-Smith and Fawzia Mazanderani

10-11am  Parallel sessions: 

  • Panel discussion: Gender equality in HE teaching in the UK  led by Charlotte Morris, Fawzia Mazanderani and Perside Ngani
  • Panel discussion:  Gender equality in HE teaching in Morocco led by Fabrice Shurweryimana, Jihane Benmassoud and Asma Azzamou

11am-1pm  Knowledge-sharing plenary workshop

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