Project team

We are a team of feminist researchers who work across five different international contexts – India, Kazakhstan, Morocco, Nigeria and the UK.

 Tamsin Hinton-Smith is a feminist sociologist of gender and education. She has a particular interest around inequalities in higher education participation for students and staff, including as these relate to university pedagogies and curricula. Tamsin’s research has included focus on higher education experiences of lone and teenage parent students, HE staff with care responsibilities, young people from Gypsy, Roma and Traveller (GRT) communities, and those who have been brought up in local authority care. She represents equality, diversity and inclusion awareness across a range of forums within her university and is experienced developing and leading training around mainstreaming gender equality in organisational contexts for professionals internationally. This is her second project leading research into gender awareness and sensitivity in higher education teaching.

Olapeju Aiyelaagbe  is a Professor of Organic Chemistry and a Natural Products Chemist at the University of Ibadan, the premier University in Nigeria. She is also the Gender Focal Person and Coordinator of the Gender Mainstreaming Office (GMO) at the University. The University of Ibadan has a gender policy and a sexual harassment policy (the first of its kind in Nigeria), which is binding on all staff, students and service providers to the University. The Gender Mainstreaming Office was established to coordinate the execution of both policies. Hence the GMO is committed to promoting a gender-sensitive institutional culture that widens the scope of gender mainstreaming in all sections of the University.

Anna CohenMiller is a qualitative methodologist and award-winning educator focused on addressing issues of equity and inclusion in higher education in Kazakhstan and internationally. She specializes in gender and arts-based approaches and is the Co-Founding Director of The Consortium of Gender Scholars ( and Founder of The Motherscholar Project ( Her recent book is Questions in Qualitative Social Justice Research in Multicultural Contexts (Routledge).

Kholoud Kahime’s recognition of the gendered impact of disease in her climate change research led her to develop the International Centre of Research and Capacity Building, which she is President of.

Nupur Samuel is an English Language teacher educationist with research interests in inclusive education, critical thinking, writing pedagogy and assessment of English as an L2.

Fawzia Haeri Mazanderani is a lecturer in Education at the University of Sussex. Her PhD research explored the gendered, raced and classed nature of post-school aspirations in post-apartheid South Africa. She has a particular interest in sustainability, feminism and efforts to decolonise knowledge production and is inspired by the writings of Sara Ahmed to unpack where our ideas of a good life have come from and how we might re-imagine our social worlds.  

 Aigul Rakisheva has almost five years of experience as a teacher and content manager in Kazakhstani universities. She has worked as a Research Assistant on multiple projects, such as addressing ethical research standards in Kazakhstan, with the Kazakhstan Educational Research Association (KERA), and with The Consortium of Gender Scholars. Rakisheva is a Research Assistant at Nazarbayev University Graduate School of Education.

Fabrice Shurweryimana has a PhD in Management Sciences and a Masters in Entrepreneurship and Strategy of SMEs and is currently an Associate Researcher at the Cadi Ayyad University of Marrakech. He is also a Research-Professor and Manager of the Master’s Program in Finance and Accounting at the HEM Campus in Casablanca.  Fabrice has over a dozen years of experience in the fields of qualitative research, teaching, pedagogical and administrative management of university training programs, including the design and deployment of training programs. He has mainly worked on the design and conduct of field studies, in the areas of Entrepreneurship, Strategy, Innovation and Knowledge Management, Marketing, Human Resources Management, and Finance.

Uko, Idorenyin is a Doctoral student specialising in Educational Evaluation at the International Centre for Educational Evaluation (ICEE) University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria. She has worked as a research lead on many interdisciplinary projects such as the development of market feasibility and business strategy for Boltimak Nigeria Limited as well as a survey of the impact of digital marketing on consumer buying behaviour in Lagos, Nigeria.

Uko also has interests in testing, item writing, and gender studies. She is passionate about human capital development and systemic change in light of current social and political realities. She also designs and makes beautiful female bespoke wears.

Zhanar Saniyazova holds a Master’s degree in Eurasian Studies from Nazarbayev University (2021). Her research interests include history of Central Asia, and in particular, Kazakhstan under the Soviet rule. She is also interested in issues of equity and inclusion in higher education in Kazakhstan. She has worked as a Research Assistant with The Consortium of Gender Scholars at Nazarbayev University.

Aray Saniyazova is a postdoctoral researcher at the Institute of Education at the National Research University Higher School of Economics (Moscow, Russia), a SERU-International Research Associate (University of California, Berkeley) and advisor to the Department of Student Services at Nazarbayev University (Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan). She holds a Master’s degree in education from Vanderbilt University (2011), and PhD in education from Nazarbayev University, Kazakhstan (2017). 

Her research interests focus on contemporary issues of higher education: transition from high school to university; student experience and college climate; gender issues in education; institutional development of newly established universities.

Abhinav Anand is a Ph.D. candidate at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India. He was awarded the 2020 Sahapedia-UNESCO Fellowship to work on the Naach folk theatre of the Bhojpur region of Bihar, India. He has his Masters in English Literature from Ambedkar University Delhi. His research interests include gender studies, literary health humanities, Postmodernism, critical theory, continental philosophy, Bhojpuri and Maithili literature. 

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