Our research project sets out to draw across international and interdisciplinary experiences to share knowledge and build understanding of steps toward gender sensitive practice in higher education curricula and pedagogy . Our aim has been to collaboratively build an internationally relevant approach that takes into account the important nuances in university teaching globally and between disciplines. Our insights have feed into development of an online toolkit including resources supporting universities to audit and develop gender sensitivity in their own teaching and learning.

  Our model for auditing and increasing gender-sensitivity in international higher education contexts is designed to be implementable at levels from a single course or department to entire institutions. We recommend that the more widely you are able to achieve buy-in to undertake gender audit across whole institutions, the greater the potential for positive change to promote outcomes and experience for both students and staff.

We have created a toolkit with the intention of sharing our resources and experience in order to support others working or studying in higher education (HE) internationally to carry out their own gender audit of their HEI. The intention is that this toolkit be adapted for you own specific contexts and requirements:

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